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Bill Maher's brand of comedy might be politically incorrect, but that doesn't stop him. You may not agree with him, and that's okay. That won't stop him from offering his opinions on everything from same sex marriage to freedom of speech, and all things political. Love his views or hate them. They are still guaranteed to have you laughing hysterically. Get your tickets early to see this brash, fresh, and very unique comic.
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Why the NFL Really Stands for Capitalism

By Josh Zerkle, Bleacher Report NFL Lead Writer There's a noted political pundit out there with a solid riff about how pro football's popularity is rooted in the league's socialist attributes. Bill Maher, or as I like to think of him, Jon Stewart 1.0, credits the NFL's so-called quest for fairness as the driving force behind the NFL's popularity in America and that our country's political ...

Even Bill Maher Has Turned on Occupy Wall Street

The loudmouthed liberal comedian's critique of the movement is inaccurate, but it shows how attitudes about OWS are changing -- including on the left.

Bill Maher Piles On the Foxconn Shame-Fest [Video]

# watchthis Bill Maher interviewed Mike Daisey last week on Real Time , adding to the scourge of recent negative publicity surrounding the conditions at Apple supplier Foxconn. Daisey is the actor who wrote and performed the one-man show The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs , a musing that faces the labor issue head-on. He actually went to China and talked to workers outside the infamous Foxconn ...

Bill Maher Slams Occupy Wall Street 'Douchebags': 'Get a Job' [VIDEO]

Bill Maher has slammed Occupy Wall Street, calling its supporters "douchebags" who need to "get a job" and stop with all the protesting.

HBO political comedian Bill Maher schedules Louisville appearance at Kentucky Center [Humor]

by Michelle Rynbrandt Tired of being politically incorrect? Bill Maher isn’t. And he’s coming to Louisville. read more

Bill Maher Performs 'Unbaptism' on Mitt Romney's Dead Father-in-Law (Video)

THR Staff The outspoken atheist took it upon himself to free the late scientist of his posthumous Mormon baptism. read more

Why Bill Maher is Against Disrespecting Presidents Not Named Bush

COMMENTARY | Bill Maher may be one of the unfunniest people on cable television, but he is sometimes unintentionally a hoot. No greater example can be had when Maher accused Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer of being "disrespectful" to President Barack Obama, according to Mediaite.

Video: Bill Maher: Obama will beat Romney

Bill Maher predicts which presidential candidate will win in November and tells Anderson Cooper how he feels about the debates.